Is it worth travelling with a budget airline long haul? My Review

I have flown with budget airlines many times before, but only short haul until recently. I did both of my trans atlantic flights to New York and from L.A. with Norwegian as I saved a significant amount of money flying with them compared to other airlines. So now that I am back on British soil, here is my review of whether its worth saving the money or if it’s necessary to splurge on the pricer airlines.

img_1340Just before take off

Being a budget airline, my expectations were definitely low and thought it was just going to be like easyJet (just not as orange). However, when I stepped on the plane, it looked liked a standard long haul plane set up with TV and usb ports. Thank God! think how bored you would be on a long haul lights without these.

Then I took my seat, with plenty of leg room! Admittedly I did choose the extra leg room option for both flights, but I didn’t have to pay any extra for it! So why wouldn’t I choose to sit there. I also found the seats to be very comfortable.

So once I was up in the air, I turned on my TV to see what films and TV programs. There was a decent choice with both new films and some old school classics. Like most planes with TVs, there was also many games on there to play as well.

When it comes to food, each flight had one meal included in the flight. Sorry I don’t have a picture of it, but to be honest it was standard plane food and nothing special (not that interesting). Personally I am not a massive fan of plane food so I usually only eat it so I don’t starve. In fact, I have only ever been on one airline where I actually enjoyed the plane food!

As many regular travellers will know, budget make there money by charing extra for everything apart from the seat. With Norwegian I had to pay an extra £50 for my main bag on each flight, but still worked out way cheaper than all other airlines with this cost added. The main meal on each flight was included in the price but any extra food you had to pay for. As well if you love the blankets, pillows and headphones on the flights that are provided on flights, On Norwegian are not free. So if you already own these items, then take them on the flight with you to save money!

img_0785Landing in New York with a very faint skyline of New York City

Overall, Norwegian where better than expected. The customer service and experience of the flight was barely any different than full services airlines. I would definitely fly with them again long haul as they are a lot cheaper and felt I had great value for money for what I got.

If you have ever flown with Norwegian or any other budget airline long haul, comment below.


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