Highlights of my Last Minute Trip to Paris

Ok so in my last post I spoke about my plans for the next few months involving Italy and the USA. Well shortly after posting my upcoming plans, I decided to book a last minute trip to Paris as there was a great offer on Eurostar and I have some free time now I have finished my degree, so why not! I had a fabulous 3 days in my favourite European city. As I have been to Paris many times before, this post will mainly focus on the new things I did rather than the things I always do in Paris.


My first morning there, I got up bright and early to head just outside of Paris to Château de Versailles. Even though I have been to Paris many times, I had never been to Versailles! so this time I was determined to visit. Although it was very easy to get from central Paris to Versailles, it was closed due to strikes! I went to Versailles on my only full day in Paris, meaning it was the only time during my trip I could go and see it, what bad luck. Although I did not get to see the inside, it looked very grand from the outside. However, I am using this as an excuse to go back to Paris again soon (hopefully), so I am actually able to see more than just the front of the palace (praying for no strikes in future visits).


Also for the first time I went to the Louvre! If you know Paris you may find it shocking that I had never been to the museum before, considering I have traveled to Paris a lot and it is one of most famous attractions in the city. The reason I did not visit on a previous trip to Paris is that I had been advised against it by people who knew the city better than me at the time.

However, I wanted to see how right they were, and after visiting I could not agree more with them. First of all, I do not think the building is fit for purpose. Yes it is a very grand palace, but you do not need nearly an entire palace to be used as a museum. Even with all the sign posting and maps available, I still got so lost in there, I have no idea of how much or little I saw of the Louvre. Although the Louvre is very impressive from the outside, only a number of rooms inside are. I am not interior design expert, but I did get the impression that the character from many of the rooms had been taken away in order to turn the palace into a museum. which is rather a shame (if that is the case).

Also the CROWDS WERE INSANE. Despite it being so big, it felt very overcrowded. As the day I went was humid, being in one place with so many people wasn’t ideal. Also I did go in early afternoon which is probably one of the busiest times to go, but it was still uncomfortably busy.


Looking back on my trip I would definitely go back to Versailles again so that I have a chance to see it properly and would avoid the Louvre. I think it is only worth going to the Louvre if you are desperate for that classic Mona Lisa selfie.




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