Birthday and future travels plans



As I am currently just finishing off my degree, I have not been able to travel recently due to the inconvenience of exams. However, for my birthday last week, I got the map in the picture above where you can scratch out the parts of the world you have been to. So cool!

And as I will be exam and study free soon, I will be able to scratch more places of the Map as I travel, yah! So you maybe wondering where will I be going in the upcoming months?

In the beginning of July, roll up a week in the Italian lakes! This will be a very chill and much needed holiday before I returned to the UK for graduation.

Then after only being back in the UK for 7 days I am off again to…


this is my biggest and most exciting upcoming trip as I will be travelling across the country for a month from New York to Los Angeles! SO EXCITING.

I cannot wait to post about my upcoming trips on here and share with you all of my experiences πŸ™‚ If anybody has any tips what to do in New York and Los Angeles, write a comment below.


17 thoughts on “Birthday and future travels plans

  1. Hope you have fun here in L.A. Remember, it’s a real city, not just a beach, Disneyland and Universal Studios. Downtown is worth a look if you like architecture, from the new (Broad Museum, Walt Disney Hall), to the classic (old movie palaces along Broadway), older (The Bradbury Building at 3rd & Broadway — the interior is the setting of the climactic scene of Blade Runner) and older places dating to the Spanish colonial period. Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra and a host of modernists scattered around. Food from every part of the world in Little Tokyo, Koreatown, etc. etc. There IS a growing public transportation infrastructure, so look into it, since you’re almost certainly accustomed to traveling that way, but some parts of the city are difficult to reach without a car. Legendary Malibu is a long way to go to see a beach if you don’t have a car. Not too far south of LAX are the Beach Cities: Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo, and you can walk/run/bike along the strand for many miles, catch the beach activity, surf and play volleyball. Bon voyage.

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  2. I have this map as well and am obsessed with it πŸ™‚ My blog has tons of restaurant suggestions in New York if you want to check it out. I’d be willing to give you additional recommendations as well!

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