Travelling whilst studying

With a tight budget, travelling as a student can be tough. However it’s not impossible, and here are my tips of how to make travel affordable as a student.

Work Part Time

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This is the best way to build up your funds. Chances are you do not have unlimited cash from the bank of mum and dad to pay for your trips. Also your student loan will only pay for your living costs, not your travels. If you can work full time during the university holidays then great. Remember to save time to travel, otherwise what is the point of working when you can’t enjoy your hard earned money.

Do you really need a 78th dress for your wardrobe? No you don’t!

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I’m not saying live in the same clothes for up to 4 years, but only buy clothes if you need them (yes I know its hard and I am guilty of buying too many clothes). You have got to think to yourself would I rather a wardrobe full of clothes or a lifetime of amazing memories? It’s your choice.

Try not to spend money on stupid stuff

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Similar to the clothes, try not to buy stuff that is not essential during the semester so that you can afford to travel during the holidays. The less you spend, the more money you will have for travelling. Hint, avoid internet shopping as that is the downfall of many.

Study Abroad

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One of the best ways to travel as a student is doing it as part of your degree and you get to spend a period of time abroad rather than just a few days or weeks like you normally would as a student. Result! Also sometimes you can get scholarships or other additional funding to help support yourself whilst you are abroad. Make sure to do your research! Also if you decide to study abroad, read my post on ‘5 tips for choosing where to study abroad’

Avoid hotels


When most people go abroad they assume you are going to stay in a hotel. If you have not traveled much before then you may automatically do the same.


There are so many options of where you can stay that are often cheaper than a hotel including: hostels, Airbnb and couch surfing. To save even more money, follow the link below for  £14 off your first Airbnb.

Research all of your travel options

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Again, when going travelling most people think you will fly. But is this the cheapest way to your destination? Maybe or maybe not. See if you can get a bus, train, car share or boat to where you want to go and compare the price. The more research you do, the more likely you are going to find the cheapest option and save money.

Look for discounts and sales

discount stores

I have already given you one discount for Airbnb, so what is your excuse for not going? Again to find the best deals do you research on the internet to try and get discounts on flights, accommodation and holidays. Sign up to mailing list of airlines, hostels and any other travel related companies. They will send you deals and information about discounts. Also it is worth noting many airlines will have sales in January, this is a key time to get cheaper flights.

If you have any other tips feel free to comment below 🙂



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