Copenhagen on a budget

Being stressed with university work led me to do the thing I enjoy the most. Travel! So I booked my flights last minute for the cheapest place I had never been to before from London, and as soon as my essays were submitted I was off to Denmark. Copenhagen is a great city and I had a great 4 day trip. However, it was definitely more expensive than I had anticipated. I spent about £50-52 (excluding flights and accommodation) and here is how I managed to visit the City on a Budget.

Free walking tours!

You heard that correctly! There are free tours you can take of the city. This is a great thing to do if you are traveling on a budget and you are able to find out a lot about the city without breaking the bank. There is the option to tip your tour guide at the end. They offer multiple walking tours around the city and I did two of them, I’ve put the link below to their website.

Free attractions

Copenhagen has many attractions and things you can visit for free! and here are the ones I would recommend.

The National Museum

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 22.25.22

You can get lost in this museums for hours with a variety of expeditions ranging from Denmark’s history to the stone age. It is defiantly worth a visit and it takes about 2 and half hours to see all of the exhibitions. Its also worth knowing that its not open on Monday like many of the attractions in Copenhagen.


photo 5

By far one of the most intriguing places I have ever been. The only way to describe Christiania is that it has a post apocalyptic style and has a very liberal attitude. It is best to go in by yourself and explore. I won’t give too much away about this place, but it is a must see.

Frederik’s church

photo 4

With some of the most impressive interior design, Frederik’s church must not be missed. The building is impressive both inside and out. Although you do not need a long visit to the church, its conveniently located next to Amalienborg Palace.

The Little Mermaid Statue

photo 2

Ok this is a slight lie as I don’t think recommend is the right word to describe the little mermaid statue, as it is one of the most famous sites of Copenhagen, yet the most underwhelming. I am glad I visited it to see what its like but it was a lot smaller then expected. However, it is completely free to visit, so if you are on a tight budget this is something you can do without splurging.

Street food

In the city centre there are many opportunities to buy street food without paying the expensive restaurant prices in Copenhagen. Most of the street food is either crêpes or hot dog stands. I would personally recommend the Nutella and banana crêpes.

Stay where food is included

There are many different options of where you can stay, but if you end up staying in a hostel, go for one where a meal is included in the price as it will save you a lot of money. Where I was staying dinner was part of the price which helped me to save A LOT.

If you have any questions about my experience in Copenhagen or have anymore tips about budget travel in the city please comment below!



4 thoughts on “Copenhagen on a budget

  1. Haha I can’t believe that the Little Mermaid statue is marked as the 2nd worst tourist attraction and yet…there are ALWAYS so many tourists there. I do love Copenhagen though. Best City Ive been too for a while. Everyone is so chill and everywhere is so Hyggea. Glad you has a great time!


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